Sunday, July 19, 2009


Abby has been wanting to go camping for quite a while. So we borrowed Randy & Ainsley's tent and Friday night was the night. So after dinner and a trip to Wal-Mart we came home and set the tent up. The girls went running in and out getting items for their camp out. Raymond came out with his pillows and the tent door was closed. In for the night. Not quite. First Allie comes in to go potty. Then Abby comes in crying that she is scared. I take her back out and go into the tent with her all the while trying to find out what is scarring her and trying to convince her to stay outside. No such luck. After a few minutes Raymond and I let her come in and sleep in her bed. Allie then comes in again to get her princess Dora toy and off she goes back outside and walks into the tent.

Allie standing in the tent

Me & Allie

Abby before she came in to sleep in her room

Did Allie make it all night? YES! She did not come in till 6:21am and looked at me and said, "I camped out all night." I am very proud of her.

Here are the girls playing in it Saturday morning.

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