Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary

Friday we packed up and headed to St. Louis for my cousin Jessica's wedding. On our way I saw a billboard for Crown Ridge Winery and Tiger Sanctuary. It is in St. Genevieve, MO, which is one hour south of St. Louis and one hour north of The Cape. It is about 15 minutes off the interstate, out in the rolling hill country. We told the girls we were taking a side trip on our way to Aunt Ella's. The Sanctuary has 4 tigers and 1 lioness that they have rescued. They also have a restaurant and 3 lodge houses that over look the animals and the rolling hills. It was so peaceful there.

Abby asked about seeing where grape grew so we stopped by Cave Winery on our way back to the interstate to show her grape vines. She wanted to eat these grapes but Raymond told her they were for making wine not eating. She still wanted to try one so we let her, she did not like the taste of these grapes plus I don't think they were ripe either.

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