Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday's

Wednesday night's during the month of September we have Wonderful Wednesday's at church. We would eat at 5:30 and the have fun stuff for the kids from 6-7pm. We had a magician, bouncy house, candy sand art and face painting and Happy Times Farm the last Wednesday night. Here are some pictures from Wonderful Wednesday's.

Allie with her face painted

Abby showing me her painted hand. She does not like her face painted.

Allie helping Dr. Houk clean up after dinner.

Me with the 3 Musketeers, Allie, Abby & Ammie

Abby & Allie with Mr. Scott being a part of the lesson
Happy Times Farm - Allie riding the horse. She rode him twice
Abby taking one of her 2 rides on the pony
Playing with one of the bunnies. I was afraid she was going to choke the bunny when she picked him up.

The girls feeding the llama, they really enjoyed this.

Allie sitting in the driver seat of the train.

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