Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Beds

I have moved the girls out of their toddler beds into twin beds. I have had to rearrange most of the toys in their and move some of them out of their room.

Before I starting taking items out of their room.

playing on the box springs while Raymond was out getting the top mattresses.
I like how this shows how much hair Allie has
Abby & Allie's new Room

Pretending to be asleep

Abby told me that she did not need her sleeping bag any more and that this bed is the best bed ever. Allie told us thank you tonight while we were putting them to bed. They were excited tonight when they went to bed.

They are growing up so fast.


KRISTI said...

How sweet! I love the comforter sets. Where did you find them?

Paula Jennings said...

Kristi - I got them at Target. They are on sale this week :)