Saturday, March 6, 2010


This cartoon reminds me of what I use to ask my mom when I looked at her and daddy's wedding picture, "Were was I when you and daddy got married?" She would tell me that I was not there or even thought about at that time in their lives. I would always respond "yes, I was there, I was on the back row sitting in Keith's lap." Abby has asked me the same exact thing when she has sees our wedding pictures. I give her the same answer my mom gave me, "you were not there."

My mom tells me that she use to tell us kids (my brothers and I) that we did not have to come in and wake her and daddy up on Saturday mornings when we woke up, that we could just go and turn on the TV and watch our cartoons. She tells me we would get up, go into their room tell them we were up and that we were going to go watch cartoons. My girls do the same thing to me and Raymond, "mommy can I watch TV?" or "I have to go potty."

I was never allowed to have a pet growing up, not sure why, but I always wanted one. About 7 years ago our cat showed up on our patio, I fed her, she stayed, and became our pet. She is a part of our family and the girls love her as much as we do. My Aunt Ella & Uncle Al had a cat named George. I remember one summer when I was staying with Aunt Ella in St. Louis my bedroom door was cracked at bedtime and George came running into my room and ran under my bed, scared me to death. I liked cats but I was not around them enough to feel comfortable with them sleeping in the room with me. Plus George was not the nicest cat and I was in his room, I think he only loved Uncle Al. Anyway, If you would have told me that I would one day have a cat that sleeps right against my head every night I would have thought you were crazy. Kitty started sleeping there back in January when it was below zero for a week.

Allie is all drama all the time. If you ask my brothers, so was I growing up. I will admit that most times I played it to my advantage to try to get me what I wanted. I am just glad that they moved past it and don't hate me for all my drama.

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