Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Happenings

Baton practice has started again for the year.  This year Abby is taking baton as well as Allie.  This is much to Allie's dismay.  She wanted Abby to take tennis but I waited around too long and all the classes were either full, to late in the evening. or did not have enough kids to form a class.  Maybe in the summer since she has committed to baton till May.  Here are the girls with their coach Ms. April.  Abby & Allie are the only 2 in the class so far.  

Wonderful Wednesday's at church have come and gone for September.  The first week was Mr. Nick's Magic Show, followed by bouncy house inside since it rain the second Wednesday.  The third week was Happy Times Farm and the final week had the bouncy houses again.  The first round of bouncy house did not go over well with the girls since one of the house fell while they were on it.  The girls and 2 of their friends were happy to play in the game room until class time.  Horseback riding is always a hit with the girls.

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