Monday, December 19, 2011

Lucky 13

Raymond and I have been married for 13 years today.  My friend Rachel blogged in back August, on her 15th anniversary, about items that her and her husband still have in their house that have made the journey with them over the past 15 years.  I loved that idea.  So lets what is left in our house that we have had since we got married 13 years ago.

Our kitchen table.  This was the first purchase we made together as a couple.  We bought it before we got married.  My roommate Christi and I used it for a while before Raymond and I got married.  It use to be less messy before we had kids....
Our coffee pot, although Raymond wants a new one that is smaller, this one works just fine.  I still have the crock pot that we got as a wedding gift, we just replaced it since the crock will not come put and the handles are broke.
Knife block
Various serving and mixing bowls
Our China of course!  Maybe when the girls are older and my dining room is not their art/craft room we will use it more.....
gravy boat from Mikasa that I have loved since I first saw it.

A couple of picture frames

TV try
This bookshelf was at my parents house growing up and I took it when I moved out of the dorm when I graduated.  It was an ugly orange color but Raymond sanded it down and stained it.  It is now in our bedroom.

My wedding flowers

Glass clock

My first Longerburger Basket!  It is the recipe box and it came with some family recipes.  My Aunt Dorothy gave it to me. I still use it and love it!

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Rachel Baker said...

Love the wedding flowers! And we had one (or more) of those glass clocks. I think I finally got rid of them somewhere along the way. I still feel guilty when I get rid of a wedding present, even if I have never liked it.