Thursday, December 1, 2011

What I am Thankful For:

I am thankful for more than I could ever list.  Here are a few things I posted on Facebook over the month of November.

•My husband.

•My husband's job.

•My job.

•My girls Sunday school teachers and our church!

•That my girls go to the best school in the city and have the best teachers!

•For my friends, old ones found on Facebook and new ones I making.

•For my friend who brings home my girls 3 days a week.

•That my girls have made some good friends at their school.

That my husband is starting to like Disney, that or he is trying to make me and the girls happy. Either way, I thankful.

•As much as I complain about how small it is and how dirty it gets I am thankful for my house.

I thankful God forgives!!

•A good nights sleep.

•I am thankful for laundry. It is one of the ways that show how blessed we are. I must remember this next time I complain about having to do laundry.

•I am thankful for productive days!!

•On 11.16 I posted that I was thankful for good cold and sinus meds

I am thankful for the beauty that is this time of year

•My embroidery machine.

•for my girls, who were born on 11/18/04.

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