Monday, April 28, 2008

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato More

This afternoon after I got home from work I was folding close in my bedroom and Allie was watching Max & Ruby (thanks to TiVo) and they were playing the one potato, two potato, etc game to pick who was going to be "it" during a game of freeze tag. Well when it went off Allie wanted to play One Potato, Two Potato with me. She was trying to say the words really fast so her words were running together in to some unrecognizable phrase but you could still know what she was trying to say. She had hand movements and everything.

While I work on Monday's the girls go to my friend Kimmer' house. She has twins as well, a boy & a girl. The girls talk about playing with Skyler and Hazel Grace. They really enjoy playing with them and Kimmer is so good with the girls. They seem to mind her better than they mind me. Thanks Kimmer for helping me out while I work for a few more weeks.

Tonight we had on April MOMC Meeting. We had a lady come and talk to us about planting in our flower beds. It inspired me to want to go purchase plants and fix up our flower beds. It will have to wait a few more weeks since we are going to my parents this weekend and I am having the MOMC New Mom brunch at our house on the 10th. I hope I can stay motivated till then.

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