Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So Sad

Our Tigers lost last night in the championship game. And a very hard loss it was. But I am done with the sadness and depression. I am going to focus on the great things they did this year. The most wins by a team in a signal season, 38 wins!!! Getting to the championship game (only 2 teams got there). The magic these guys had on the court! Joey dunking the ball and CDR & Rose on a fast break. I have enjoyed watching this team play. In the words of Dicky V "They are awesome baby!!" We can always pray that CDR & Rose will return next year. Think of what it would be like if they did.....another trip to the Final Four...maybe another shot at the championship....We are Memphis....

Go Tigers Go!!

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Laurel said...

I was wondering how long you would be in mourning. :)