Thursday, April 17, 2008

What is going on here??? Nothing much

I have not posted in a while so I thought, "what do I post? Nothing much is going on here." Well that is kinda true and not true at the same time. The Homebuilders Challenge is over (NCAA Basketball Tourny), I don't want to talk about it. We ended up coming in 4th I think. If my Tigers would have pulled it out, we might have won. I have to keep telling myself it is only a game. I have no idea where this major competitive streak I have developed has come from.

I did start working 3 days a week (till the end of June) at the Kidney Foundation. I worked there I think about 7 years ago. I have been at home for 3, I was at NORA's Home for 3 1/2 years, so that makes it over 7 years ago that I left. I a lot has not changed and a lot has, it is amazing how somethings just come back to you. I do have a whole new appreciation for working moms and I only work part time and not even all day on the days I do go in.

We are potty training. It is the worst thing EVER!! Abby will hold it till she gets a diaper on at naptime or bedtime. She tells me has to have a diaper and I will put on the potty and she sits there, I turn on water, and she sits there. Then when she gets up, she will pee in the floor. I have started making her help clean it up. Allie will tell me most of the time if she has to go if she is wearing big girl underwear. Of course we still have to change the underwear b/c she has pee-peed some in it. I think she holds it a lot of the time as well. My biggest fear is that they will be 4 and not potty trained. I don't them or me to be embarrassed by the fact that they are not potty trained. I am NOT being a lazy parent, they are very hard headed. Abby told me that she did not want to be a big girl, she wanted to stay a little girl and use diapers. What do you do???? I told her she could be my Little Big Girl. She is still my little girl but she gets to do all the things big girls do, including go to the potty and ride the carousel at the Mall and go to the Disney store. I have yet to find what will work for her. Allie likes chocolate, that seems to be working alright for now.

We have been making cupcakes all morning for the MOMC (mother of multiples club) Spring Fling at Jumpin' Jax (inflatable jumping place) on Saturday. The girls are sooo exited. Two Backyardgins are going to be there and they can not wait to see them. I hope to get some good pictures. Abby keeps telling me to take some pictures. I am having a bit of trouble keeping them out of the cupcakes so I pulled 2 out for them to eat after lunch. The original date was back in March but it snowed so we had to postpone till April. It should be fun on Saturday. I get to take the girls and all the stuff I have to take for the event without any help. Raymond is doing a mock jury that day at the U of M, he gets paid for this so I am not to upset about him going.

I guess that is it for now.

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Rachel Baker said...

Laura Beth told me all the time that she wanted to be 2 again so she could wear diapers and have her ba ba (pacifier) back. Hang in there.