Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. When I was little I would wonder why people had flags flying at the end of May. My brother Kevin would tell me that it was for his birthday, which is May 30th. And I believed him! I am not sure why I believed him, we never really got along growing up. You could say we pretty much hated each other till he left for the Navy and was not around that much. I remember the 1st time he called home from basic training and I missed his call. I cried because I missed it. Anyway, we are much closer now and we get along great. I wished he lived closer to me.

Anyway.... We did not do much this long weekend, I was able to do a few things at home that I wanted to do. Saturday Abby and I went out to run some errands, the girls played in their pool for a while, Raymond moved the flower bed to along the back fence (where I wanted it to be in the first place), we went swimming at the Bakers on Sunday (thanks so much, the girls and I always enjoy this), and to Meemaw's for dinner Monday night (very yummy). Now it is raining and I am about to go get ready for bed and watch Jon & Kate plus 8 and fall asleep.

On the way home from Meemaw's when we exit onto Appling and we pass the 3 large crosses that are at Bellvue Baptist. I was thinking about the crosses and Abby says, "three crosses" and before I can say anything, she continues "Jesus was on the big one" I was amazed that she knew that and I realized right there what a huge role we have as parents to teach our children about God. I knew this before but it was really reinforced tonight. Maybe I should read more of the New Testament to the girls at bed time instead of the Old Testament....

Abby & Allie surprise we more and more everyday. Saturday morning they were talking to each other in a full conversation, that made sense. They are growing up way to fast for me.

Allie is doing really great with the potty training. She is going potty during the day and can stay dry during her nap. Now if I can get Abby to go potty.

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