Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Raymond

Today is Raymond's birthday. The girls and I just put a cake in the oven. When it is cooled we are going to ice it and decorate it. They wanted to make a cake like Max & Ruby but I would not let them. I don't think Raymond would appreciate a pink cake with pink icing. So we settled on a yellow cake with chocolate icing. Abby wants to add candles. I don't think I have 33 candles..... She also wants to play party games.... What games can we play??? I will post pictures if I get to take any later.

Not much else is new. The girls were out of school last week. They go back to MDO tomorrow for June and July and will be out in August. I am still working. I will probably be working till August if I had to guess. I don't have childcare in August. I miss my time at home by myself to get things done and time to run errans without 4 little hands trying to help me or causing a mess or trouble because I've stop to look at something. I feel quilty when I am at work for not being with the girls and quilty when I am home for not being at work.

No, Thank you seems to be Allie's new phrase. Anything you ask her she will reply with "no thank you". At least she is being polite about it.

Abby has started saying words and phrases that I say way to much. The other day in the car, she says to Allie "oh honey" (say it with a southern accent and you can see how cute it is). And this afternoon while Allie was whining she asked "What's wrong now?"

Be careful what you say, it will come back to haunt you.

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aytes5 said...

Happy Birthday Raymond! I don't think Matt would be too thrilled with a all pink cake :) Madison is like a parrot. She says all kinds of thing I say and a few of her own. Anytime she sees something new she says "awesome". It is too funny. She also calls Caleb "sweetie" which is what I call him alot of the time. We thought she would never talk and now she doesn't every hush :) I love her though and wouldn't want her any other way.