Wednesday, June 18, 2008

YEAH!! Boston Celtics

I am not a NBA fan. But Raymond's favorite NBA team is the Boston Celtics and last night they won the NBA Finals. He told me this morning that he was 2 minutes away from the greatest Basketball season, college & pro, ever for him. If you have to ask about this...please don't... if you know Raymond, you know what I am talking about... Anyway... When the game was over, I asked Raymond, were they not the worst team last year in the NBA, he looks at me, smiles and says "the second worst". I was like oh yeah the Griz's were the worst.... Sorry Griz fans.

I am playing in an all girls fantasy football league this fall. I am so excited, why should Raymond and the guys from Sunday School get to have all the fun. I did ask Raymond to help me get my team together and if it was too early for this. I am already thinking about which QB and RB and kicker I want. I may have a little competetion getting the kicker I want. Raymond said yes it is too early to start making a list. I seriously don't know where this competative edge came from. I was a littled surprised by it during our March Madness Bracket Challenge. It will be fun playing with the girls from church. I wonder if our teams will do better than the guys. You noticed they did not let us play with them..... I will keep you posted on team, players and standings when it starts.

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