Monday, June 30, 2008

Reach Group

I LOVE our Reach Group. Most of us are close in age, have kids the same age and we get along really well with each other. I also love our Sunday School class but I will post about that another time. So, last night our reach group had swim time at the Baker's (we meet every week on Sunday nights-right now we are reading through the Bible in a year and discussing it on Sunday nights. I am about 2+ weeks behind after starting off so well.) At one time there were 6 kids taking turns diving off the diving board, including mine! I don't have any pictures of them diving but maybe I will try to get some the next time we go over. My little daredevils love to jump off the diving board in to their daddy's arms or into anyone who will catch them. I have made a rule that the diving board is for daddy playtime only and daddy must be in the water for them to jump off the board. They are learning how to swim with their arm floats. Maybe next year they will get swim lessons.

Here is Allie coming up the stairs.

Abby eating grapes for dinner. I don't have pictures of Abby in the water, she was eating while I was taking pictures.

After we swam for a while we went upstairs to play the Wii. I want one of these now. It was so much fun. The first game we played was a Mario racing game, I did not do very well at it but the bowling game I was much better at. I beat the guys that I was playing against. We also played tennis and boxing. I was KO'ed by a 7 year old in boxing. Here is Allie helping me and Raymond.

The racing game. I did not learn how to stay on the course. But it was still FUN!

Abby watching us play. We had to keep telling the girls to back up and sit down from in front of the TV. I know know how my brother and husband felt when I would walk in front of the TV when they were playing football on the Playstation.

Thank you Rachel for taking some pictures with my camera while I was playing and to the Baker's for letting us come over and swim and play Wii.

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