Sunday, June 15, 2008

Swimming Fun

Hannah (our niece) came over to play and swim Saturday afternoon. All 3 girls had so much fun playing together. I think Hannah was a little upset when she had to leave. Here are some pictures of them in the water and playing afterwards.

I bought a long float for me to lay on in the pool and the girls discover that they can "flip" me off of it into the water. It is so cute to see them do this. They keep asking me if I am ready to go in the water. I have to admit I enjoyed them doing that. Allie has learned how to "dive". She holds her nose and under the water she goes. When she pops up she laughs and wants to do it again. Abby is our sea horse (that's what she wants to be called instead of a fish). She is "swimming" pretty good. I would love to get her in swim lessons next year.

Abby laying on my float. 3 going on 13!

Allie was a little freaked out about it at first.

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Holly Aytes said...

Madison doesn't like to lay on the float either. The older 2 however are always stealing it from me....they too enjoy knocking me off it :)