Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Please go to sleep

Tonight after an hour of crying Abby finally decides to go to sleep. Part of her problem is that I took her sleeping bag away the other night for getting up over and over again. Well in her sleepy, crying voice I keep hearing her say "Come back sleeping bag, come back." Ok, it was breaking my heart not to go and give her back her sleeping bag. But if I did what message would I be sending, cry long enough and you will get what you want. I don't want to have to fix that later, so she cries. But it also funny because of what she is saying, like the sleeping bag can hear her and will come walking out of my bathroom linen closet and down the hall and into her room. I did tell her she could have it back tomorrow night if she is good. I don't think she feels to good right now any way, she has a yucky runny nose.

Allie is being Allie. She is calm and ever so friendly, to every one. It took Allie a while to go to sleep as well. Maybe it was Abby's crying.....

They did started back to MDO on Tuesday. Every Friday during the summer is water day at MDO and they love the water.

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Laurel said...

Way to be strong! Sean has to be the strong one cause I crumble under pressure. :)