Saturday, June 21, 2008

Zoo Day

Raymond was off on Thursday, so we went to the Zoo. This was the first time we have been back since Allie got her head stuck in the fence at the elephants. Anyway, we were incident free during this trip. The girls had a great time looking at the animals. Abby's favorite was the giraffes and elephants. Allie like the cats and butterflies. We visited the bird house and the reptiles for the first time during this trip.

This is one of my favorite pictures. They started holding hands while walking toward the bird house.

The new fence at the elephant's. Should we take credit for this........

I wanted to take a picture of Allie standing in front of the new fence, but she tripped right before we got to it and was in no mood to stand and have her picture taken.

Two of the polar bears were rough housing while the 3rd one was sleeping over in the corner. The girls really liked seeing the bears as well.

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Laurel said...

We went to the zoo Thursday, too! Great minds think alike. :)