Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa & Christmas Day 2008

The girls were so looking forward to Santa coming to see them. I left the cookies and milk out for Santa since they were asleep when we got home from Meemaw's. Abby was the first up around 7 Christmas morning. I was able to get her to our bedroom without looking in the living room. She was really ready to open her gifts and see what Santa brought. I told her that she needed to go wake Sissy up, who happen to be in our bedroom floor sleeping, before we could go open presents. As soon as I said "go tell Sissy Santa came" Allie pops up and says "Santa came" with a big smile on her face.

Walking into the living room.

I am teaching my girls early how to use a camera :)

Santa brought exactly what the girls wanted! A Sleeping Beauty doll, a Walking Horse, a magic wand and Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Godmothers. They were so happy! Abby told me that "this is the best Christmas presents ever" all while hugging her Sleeping Beauty. I could not have been happier as well.

After opening gifts we packed up and heading to Granny & Papaw's house for another round of gifts and more fun with family.

Playing with the jump ropes Papaw gave the girls. While the little girls played with the jump ropes the "big' kids (Zachary, Kevin, Keith & I) threw the football in the front yard.

My parents have cows in their pasture again. We had a cow when I was little and now a family friend has 9 cows grazing in my parents pasture. When I told the girls about the cows living out behind my parents house Allie asked me she could ride one of them. The cows never came close enough to the fence so the girls could touch them but they would sit and watch the girls when they were at the fence.

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