Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

I meant to post on New Year's Day but the day got away from me. I was busy cleaning out the girls room and answering the question, "Why are you selling my Veggie Bus?" or "You can not sell that." I think they have learned a little bit about clothing sales and once it is packed up and taken to the attic, it usually means it is going to the next clothing sale. I also started and almost finished going through my scrapbook & crafting supplies. I should be able to have a great yard sale in the spring!

Anyway, here are my new years goals:

-Drink a glass of milk every morning for breakfast.
-Finish the books on my night stand (I started one last night and already in Ch. 3, I will post about this book later).
-Be a better wife & mom.

Happy New Year!

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