Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It snowed today!!! For a little while but it was all gone by this afternoon. I wish it was more but hopefully we will another one later this winter. When Abby saw the sun coming out she asked me to make it stop so she could have the snow for a while.

Allie on our front porch. (yes that it our snowman still out, it is still winter)

Abby getting the snow off her shoes before we get into the car to school.

Watching it snow from the patio door. I think Abby must be on her tippy toes, she is not that much taller than Allie.

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Spellings Fam said...

You were good to let the girls play in it. Ammie just watched from the window and then walked to the car in it to go to school. Her teacher did bring some in for them to play in though.