Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pouncer Pal's Pizza Party

Today was a Pouncer Pal's Pizza Party and a Lady Tiger Basketball game. Pouncer was a NO SHOW! Which upset Allie & McKenzie a lot after the game was over but not too much during the game. The pizza party was fun, free pizza and space to run around in, what more could they want. Abby was so afraid the band would be there. When we got there the band was not there and I told her look, no band. But when I took Allie to the bathroom after we ate, guess who was there? The pep band. We did not tell Abby till we walked back into the gym. She kept her hands in her ears the entire game so did Allie. They did really well over all. Next time we will have to remember to take the ear plugs. Raymond will tell you he does not like women's basketball. But I think he has fun as well. The Lady Tigers started off well but did not score a bucket for over 5 minutes in the second half to fall behind. They found back and got with in 2 but Southern Miss was too much for them and the Lady Tigers lost. When we got home we watched the men play ball on TV and they won. GO TIGERS GO!!


Spellings Fam said...

Great picture of you and the girls!

Laurel said...

Was Pouncer at the men's game? :p

The Beatty's said...

Did I ever tell you that one of Ryan's teacher's was Pouncer in college? He's a little younger than us, so it was probably after your time there. And, of course, he's a HUGE Memphis fan.