Saturday, January 3, 2009

This Week in Pictures

I have a group of friends who are doing the 365 Project for 2009. The 365 Project is where you take a picture every day for a year. Some people are doing it in scrapbook form or in a blog. My friends Carrie & Jennifer have already started their 365 blogs. Seeing that I don't want to be left behind I have taken a picture every day this year as well. Here are the pictures from this week:

Baby Cal trying to play with our cat. Poor Kitty.

Abby sweeping up her cutting mess. What a big girl! She did such a great job she got a treat when she was finished. Using the dust pan was her idea.

Sleeping Cinderella

Sleeping Allie

Allie playing Cars on the PS2

P.S. I even started a blog for this but chickened out about putting the link in this post. If it looks like I will keep up, I will post the link :)


Anonymous said...

See, the thing is, by making that blog public, it hold you acountable and you have friends to nudge you to keep at it. Know what I mean?

JenniferL. said...

What you don't realize is that we bloggers all know how to find your blog without you telling us -- so ha, take that! I found it and so did Abbie.

Abbie Johnson said...

I guess I copied the link as soon as she sent it. but if you want to keep it private, i'll take it off

Paula Jennings said...

That is fine you can leave it. :) Maybe I will be more likely to post on it if I know people are looking for my picture of the day/week.