Sunday, July 5, 2009

NKOTB Concert

Yes, I will admit it. I loved New Kids On The Block when I was a teenager. I had the posters, the T-shirts, buttons, even the NKOTB pillow case and more. Now that they are back together, I have to say, I wanted to see them in concert again. My friend Kelley won 5th row tickets to their show at Mud Island on Thursday night and took me with her! It was a blast!

Me & Kelley

Donnie & Jon



Kelley said...

I had a BLAST!! So glad we went! :)

KRISTI said...

Great pics! I have not been to a concert at Mud Island in years.

I would be happy to let you borrow one of our Mickey Mouse overalls if you want to see how they are made. Just let me know.

Barber's Blog said...

Paula you are too funny!

Rachel Baker said...

I am SO laughing at this.

christy said...

OHHH!! I didn't know you went to this! I'm so jealous!! I would of been screaming like a teenager!!!

Paula Jennings said...

I did scream like a teenager :)