Monday, September 14, 2009

Pouncer Pal's Kick-Off Party

Friday night we went to the Pouncer Pal's Kick-Off Party at The Incredible Pizza Cafe. We have purposefully avoided that place but we could not longer avoid it when Pouncer had his kick-off party there. We meet up with Laurel and Mackenzie and had a good time. As we were leaving Abby asked if she could have her 6th birthday party there.

When we first arrived the girls went running to Pouncer.

getting his autograph

Dancing to the Wiggles on the movie screen in the gym where we ate

Family Picture with Pouncer

Abby Driving a car

Allie playing one of the games

Raymond and the girls and Mackenzie

We also rode the go carts. Abby rode with me and she was saying "mommy we need to go." I told her we would be finished in just a minute with the race, to which she said no, mommy, we need to go faster.

Allie showing off her goodies from the evening. The girls received a goody bag that had these sunglasses in it as well as, thunder sticks, a fanny pack (that Allie uses as purse), tattoos, pencil, pom-poms, a Go Tigers sign and blue and silver beads. The play money is what she picked out from the prize store.

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