Sunday, April 18, 2010


I read this craft blog called Imperfectly Beautiful. She has some interesting and unique projects posted and some times a post will jump out at me and I think, "I want to do that and I can do that." Well this post just did that, It is about these $49 letters from Ballard's Catalog (apparently some place I can not afford and I have never heard of them as well) anyway... she wanted these letters and could not afford them so she made her own version which you can see in the post. This is such a great idea of something to add to a craft space and since I just made myself a craft space out of part of the computer room, here is my version.

I used my Slice and the Under the Sea cartridge and cut each letter at 4 inches. I mounted the letters on 6x6 cream colored squares and then mounted those squares on 7x7 black card stock. I accented each letter square with Creative Memories Flowers and bling. I tacked them over the window and it is the first thing you see when you walk into the room.

I have a few more ideas/projects that I want to add to the room and as soon as I finish those I will post them for everyone to see.

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