Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our New Church Building

Sunday we went to our church's Open House for our new building. Our first Sunday service will be this coming Sunday, May 2nd. I can not tell you how excited I am about our new building. Last week Raymond went one night and helped unload chairs for the worship center and I went another night and helped work on bulletin boards for the girls classrooms. We are very blessed to have a such a wonderful building to use for God's glory.


Cross over the baptistery

Worship center, we also have a chapel with the stain glass windows from our old building. I did not get a picture of the chapel. I told the girls to go find what seats they wanted to have for Sunday.


The Great Hall where the children will have Children's Church. When you walk out the door on the far wall in the picture you will be right across from the girls 4 year old class room.

All the children's classes have a Kingdom theme. Right now the girls are in the Tower and will be moving to the Fortress on promotion Sunday.

Allie in the Youth Mission. Our youth group has a great space for bringing their friends to.

The playground for the little kids. We will be here a lot this summer.
If you are in Memphis and reading this please join us Sunday, May 2 for our first service. Sunday School at 9 and worship at 10.

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