Monday, September 6, 2010

Delta Fair

Monday we went to the Delta Fair at the Argicenter. The girls have been wanting to go and I was able to get a 50% off the Family Deal Package so we jumped at the deal and off we went. The first thing the girls found was the first petting zoo. Here is Abby with some ducks, she loves ducks and ladybugs.

Someone must have felt bad for Allie when I told her she could not have a dollar cup of animal feed till the end of the day and gave her one of their cups of animal feed. Some of the cows, rabbits, goats and other animals were not really that hungry because they would not eat the feed very well.

After the petting farm we found the first section of Kiddie rides. The girls rode the pumpkin Farris wheel, mini scrambler, the dragon coaster, super slide and went through the fun houses. There was a second section of kiddie rides we found later in the day. We watched a Knight Jousting match and found another petting zoo area.

Abby is in the 5th car with her head down. She enjoyed most every ride she rode. Allie liked all the fun houses and might have rode more rides had Raymond or I rode with her but we did not buy a ride stamp for us.



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