Friday, November 12, 2010

Memphis City School's Think Show 2010

On Thursday, the 11th Memphis City Schools held their annual Think Show. I was not really sure what this was all about.  All the classes make projects for display on something they are learning about.  The Kindergarten was learning about Native Americans so all their projects were on different Native American Tribes.  I also had the opportunity to be a judge for the projects.  I judged the Preschool class project on Forest Life.  I got to talk to the class and they were so cute and surprisingly very talkative.

I finished quickly since I had just one project to judge and was in the Library talking when Ms. Lewis asked me if I would help judge some power point projects.  The first one was pretty good, good layouts on their slides, most had some type of sound effects and informative.  This was done by a 5th grade class.  My first PowerPoint presentation was done in college not 5th grade!  The second group did not fair as well.  Their slides were very simple, not creative, only one or two sounds effects and they had their facts wrong.  

Here are a few pictures of the girls projects and some for other classes.  Abby already wants to make an airport for her next project for 1st grade because none of the cities they made had an airport. 

Allie and her classes projects

Abby's project and what she learned.

Allie's dress she made for her little Native American

Other Projects
1st grade city (missing the airport)

Wizard of Oz Projects relating to Weather

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