Wednesday, November 17, 2010

School Pojects

This past weekend we did school projects.  Here is Allie and her princess turkey who is hiding so she will not get caught for the Thanksgiving Feast. 

Abby and her Timeline.  When I first saw this all I could think about was my friend Rachel and the time lines she has done for 2 of her children when they were in first grade.  Luckily ours was only 3 pictures and 3 sentences.  Allie came home with Timeline yesterday and we did it last night and I sent it back to school this morning without getting a picture.  I am sure it will be sent back home and I will take a picture then. 

Abby loves ducks.  She was so excite to find a baby picture of her and Allie wearing duck dresses.  How cute!!

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Holly Aytes said...

Taylor did a timeline in 2nd grade and it was pretty extensive. Caleb just brought one home Monday...he actually has already done one though it was in kindergarten so we couldn't reuse it :( just kidding
Love the "hiding turkeys" kids have never done that project :(