Monday, February 25, 2008

Funny stories from my girls

Sunday, January 27, 2008 -- Allie wants to go to the Zoo
On our way home from church Allie asked to go to the Zoo. We told her it was too cold and the animals would not be out for us to see them. Allie thought for a moment and said, “They get a jacket”.

Abby's conversation with her daddy
Abby: I go get new Bob DVD. (Abby broke her new Bob DVD she got for Christmas-she loves this DVD-Wizard of Ha’s)
Daddy: What happen to new Bob?
Abby: I broke it
Daddy: How are you going to get a new Bob?
Abby: Mommy get it. From the Bob store. (Family Christian Bookstore)
Daddy: How is mommy going to get?
Abby: Mommy get money and go buy it.
Daddy: Where is mommy going to get the money to buy it?
Abby: From Daddy.

She is learning early where her money is going to come from :)

Abby’s Special Errand Balloon
One day while Allie was in speech Abby and I went to MATCU for some information. While there they had red balloons flying and she wanted one. We asked the lady and we took it home with us. Abby called it her special errand balloon. After about 2 weeks it start to lose its floating ability. I told Abby it was time that the balloon to go a way. Abby looked at me and said, Mommy make it flat and put in my memory box. I had put her birthday balloon in her memory box and she must think that is where balloons go when they made flat.

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