Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How to have a Birthday Party

The girls have been playing birthday party for a while now. The birthday party season starts in November and seems to taper off in late Feb. We have had birthday parties for the last 3 weekends and we have enjoyed them all. So Tuesday morning while we were getting ready for MDO Abby was "making" a cake with her Leap Frog ABC's. She told me that she was making a cake for her birthday party and that she was going to ice it. Then she told me she was going to get balloons, make goody bags, make birthday hats and get a present.

Abby & Allie are talking so much now. It is so funny to hear then talking to each other and to other people. I can hardly keep the quite any more.


Laurel said...

Mackenzie's been planning her next party ever since the weekend after her birthday... that was in September. At least she's consistent. She picked Mickey Mouse and has stuck with it!

Spellings Fam said...

Isn't it funny what they can come up with! Hope Abby got your baking skills!