Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Grizz Game

Raymond calls at 5:15pm and tells me he has 2 tickets to tonights Grizzles game and the parking pass. Anyone who knows my husband knows 2 of his motto's in life are never leave a game early and never pay to park. Anyway, so I took dinner out of the oven, packed up the girls and headed to Meemaws so we could go see the Grizz play the Suns. I wish I took my camera. Steve Nash and Shaq play for the Suns. Shaq is so tall and his shoes are as big as our kids. My new favorite NBA player is Rudy Gay. He was great tonight but the Grizz lost. The game was more fun than I remember but I still like college basketball better.

On a happier note, UT lost tonight to Vandy. UT beat Memphis Saturday night in a close game at the Forum. So now Tiger fans can smile again. Memphis plays Tulas tomorrow night. We should win this one.

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Rachel Baker said...

Amen, sister! Go Tigers!