Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Days

Saturday afternoon it started to snow around 2:00 and did not stop till sometime in the middle of the night. We got 10 inches at our house, according to our unscientific measurement on Sunday morning.

Starting to snow

Less than and hour later

Sunday morning

Saturday evening playing in the snow

Sunday morning Abby was up at 6:55 to see hoe much it had snowed. I was able to go out without the girls to take some pictures before breakfast. Our street was a little icy this morning.

Abby's snow cake

Icicles on the house & rose bush

My snow bunnies

It was so deep that the girls could not get up without help when they feel down to make snow angels.

Allie dug around and found her sand shovel to help Raymond shovel snow from around his car.
Sunday afternoon we went back outside one more time. This time we were able to get daddy to help us build a snowman. Our snow family.

The girls have had so much fun in the snow this weekend. I have had a hard time picking which pictures to post today. I have taken over 125 pictures over the past 2 days!! Those will be on Shutterfly soon.
Who can believe that on Thursday it was 70 degrees and that by next Friday it will be 72 again.


Spellings Fam said...

I love the picture of the snow on the patio table. I would say that's a good way to measure.

KRISTI said...

Hey! This is Kristi Thurman from the twins group. I have really enjoyed reading your blog!!!! Your girls are precious.
See ya next month.