Saturday, April 18, 2009

FedEx Delivery

Abby is in obsessed with all things FedEx. She even wants to be a FedEx Pilot when she grows up. The other day when Raymond arrived home he found a FedEx Package at the back for Abby. She was so excited to get a package from FedEx.
Raymond gets the Best Dad Award for getting a small FedEx box, filling out the mailing slip and leaving it at the door so Abby could have a package at the door.


Anonymous said...

That is so great! The stuff memories are made of!

AnickH said...

i have a fedex obsession too! i sell a lot of ebay stuff and even though fedex is sooo expensive, i send everything feed just because i love it so much. but I'm in my 20's. I've never before (until now) heard of a elementary age fedex fan!! thats just way too funny