Sunday, April 12, 2009

Soccer Game

Saturday was the girls first soccer game. I was a little worried because Allie cried Thursday night at practice. Although it was cold Saturday morning both girls did well. Abby scored a goal and is getting better at not using her hands. Our team's name is the Tigers. Our coach said it was because 3 of the kids had on Tiger shirts at the first practice and they like the LSU Tigers. The name fits us just fine.

Allie cried during the game for the following reasons:
-when she was kicking the ball and the other team tried to kick it away from her.
- when playing goalie the teams were not coming to her end of the field.
-when they did come to her end of the field and she was kicking it out to her team (after a save)and she was not allowed to keep kicking it down the field.
-when the other team had a free kick and all 3 of our players were lined up in front of the goal and the kicker kicked the ball right into Allie's tummy.

I am sure by the end of the season things will be better. We did win our first game. To be honest I did not think we were that good

End of the game tunnel


Holly Aytes said...

Those are some of the reasons we aren't in a team sport. We are sticking with individual things like tennis and tae-kwando. Taylor would cry and Caleb is so competative that it wouldn't be fun for anyone. Hopefully that will change and we can persue a team sport in the near future :) Congrats on the win! They look awful cute out there :)

Spellings Fam said...

I LOVE the orange socks on those Tiger girls!