Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Little Fuzzy Caterpillar

After not having that much to blog over the past few weeks I have about 6 items to post. So here is the first one.

The girls have enjoyed the arrival of caterpillars so far this spring. Thursday afternoon they found and much to my surprise Allie picked it up and let it crawl on her hand and arm. I finally convinced her to let it go on a bush in the front yard.

Friday Abby wanted to know where the caterpillar was. I told her it was outside on the bush. She wanted me to go find the caterpillar and thankfully Raymond found it (well we told her it was the same one). She then runs inside and gets her The Very Hungry Caterpillar book, goes outside and reads it to the caterpillar. Raymond comes in and tells me this after she finished the book. She was so proud of herself. I would have loved to watched her read to the caterpillar.
Here is a video of the Abby singing the Little Fuzzy Caterpillar Song.

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