Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Poor Abby

I am not quite sure what happened or how it happened, but Abby's left elbow became dislocated late Wednesday afternoon. Abby is not one who cries easily so when she cried for over 20 minutes and would not stop holding her left arm I knew something was wrong. She did really well at the minor med center letting them take her BP and temp, look at her arm and take x-rays to make sure it was not broke. It was not broken but dislocated, they had to rotate/pop her elbow back into place, which I still shutter to think about. I took Allie out of the room when they did this and left Raymond in the room with Abby. Raymond arrived at the minor med as we were finishing up the x-rays. I still am worried about her elbow especially since the doctor told us that it could pop back out again and she is still crying when she is awake.

She has held her left arm with her right hand since it happened.
Allie trying to comfort Abby. After Allie apologized Abby told her it was ok, it was an accident.

Abby asked to go bed at 7:15. I pray she feels better tomorrow and that the elbow does not pop back out again!

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