Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Abby's Hair Cut by Allie

Wednesday afternoon while I was sitting at the computer working and the girls were watching TV they decided to......cut Abby's hair. Yes, Allie cut Abby's hair. They walked into the computer room and looked so proud of what they had done until they saw my face. After I sent them to their room and calmed down I took some pictures.

I took her to get it fix. The place where I get my hair cut was closed so we had to go to Fantastic Sam's.

Abby's new "do". She looks so cute and grown up with this hair cut. Silly grin...

When I asked Allie why she cut Abby's hair she told that it was getting long. I will never know for sure what happened or how it got started.....
Things I do know:
~That this was bound to happen one day
~The girls cleaned up after the hair cut by putting all the the cut hair in the trash before they and showed me what they did
~They learned a lesson from this...we only cut paper with scissors and not our sister's hair
~They have been banned from scissors till kindergarten


Rachel Baker said...

She looks ADORABLE. Guess it is good timing since summer is coming up anyway.

Kelley said...

I love the "things you know". LOL And yes, it was bound to happen, surprised it took them this long.

loui said...

Great hair!They are growing too fast