Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving to Pictures with Santa

I have no pictures from Thanksgiving.  I can hardly believe that fact myself.  Although I have no pictures we were very busy over Thanksgiving.  My parents came over Thursday morning and we all went to Meemaw's for lunch with Debbie & Chris and the kids.  I guess I should not call all their children kids, Daniel is in college now.  After lunch the girls played with Hannah till we left and came back home to get ready for Thanksgiving Round 2.  Keith came over for dinner.  My mom made lasagua and brought it over for us for dinner.  We even called Kevin (my other brother) just to let him know what we were having for dinner.  If you have ever eaten my mom's lasagua you would know why we make sure each other knows when we get to eat it and they don't.  It is all done is brotherly/sisterly love of course! But I am sure my mom will make some for Kevin soon enough.

After dinner we all hung out at our house for a while and even bought a few gifts online before we went to bed. 

Friday morning my mom and I got up bright and early, well it was still dark outside and off shopping we went.  Being Black Friday was not all that bad for us.  I found a GREAT parking spot at Wolfchase, Kohl's and Target.  We did not have to wait very long at Penny's, the Disney Store or Target when we made it there.  I found some bargains and some gifts as well.  We are asking Santa for a Wii and I am pretty sure we will get that so I bought me and Raymond the Wii Fit for $67!  I also found some great summer out fits for the girls on clearance at Gymboree.  The only crazy place we went was Old Navy.  the line was worse than a queue at Disney so I turned around and left.  After our shopping morning my parents left to go home and the girls and I made a little trip to Hobby Lobby. 

A few days ago I tried to take some pictures for the girls for our Christmas Cards.  It did not work every well so I chose other pictures for the card but here are a few from that afternoon.

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