Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wii Fun

Oh how wii have enjoyed our new Wii!  Right after we set it up Christmas morning the girls started creating their Mii's and then played bowling.

Running on Wii Fit

I added our cat to the Wii Fit and now she is the running guide on the Free Run

The girls like to play 100 pin bowling, archery and sword fight duel. 

The most commonly said phrase to the girls while playing the Wii:
"Back up from the TV!"

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Holly Aytes said...

We love our Wii too! In fact it was the only source of activity over much of Christmas Break :) There is a website that tells you how to create specific "famous" Mii's...not sure what it is as Matt did it but we know have Guy Fieri (a chef on food network), the grinch, the girl chipmunks, and some others. The kids thought that was a hoot! We too said all the time back up from the tv :) matt wasn't going to be happy if someone broke his 52 in baby! LOL