Thursday, August 13, 2009

1st Day of School

Well the 1st day at Mothers Day Out at First Evan. The girls went there some last fall while I worked for the fall and I was really impressed with their program. Even more so now that I saw what all the 4 year old class is doing all day. Today when I dropped them off Allie said "oh no, we are late." Their friends were at the table working on some craft and the teacher told me that I can drop them off at 9:15 because starting next week they would hit the ground running at 9 :30. I am so happy they are enjoying it and I hope they learn a lot this year. When I picked them up on Monday I asked Abby if she loved her new school and she said "yes, I love it!" I then asked Allie, "do you love you new school?" "No." she says. " "Do you like your new school?", not sure what I am going to get back, she says, "yes, I like it."



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