Sunday, August 2, 2009

Words of Wisdom?

More funny sayings and happenings around our house.

Raymond has taught the girls to sang the Transformers song...Transformers, robots in disguise.

Allie: My legs hurt. I can not walk anymore.

Abby: Maybe she needs a wheelchair.

Allie: NO!

Abby was watching Seasme Street, Raymond tells her, "when I was your age I use to watch Seasme Street." To which Abby replies "When I am your age all I will watch is the news."

Raymond gave the girls a coin one day and when Abby was putting hers in her piggy bank I told her that was nice of daddy. She looks at me and says "He is a nice boy."

When Allie starts a sentence with "Mommy, I really sorry." I should be worried.

Allie to Abby: "Let's play Target!"

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Kelley said...

Love the news comment! :)