Sunday, August 30, 2009

Craft Time

Now that the fall consignment season is over I will have more time to sew and scrapbook. (My 2 favorite hobbies!) Here are a few of the items I have completed this weekend.

I made the dress last fall and the girls can still wear it as a long shirt (too short for a dress this year) this fall so I made the ruffle pants to go with it. They are not uneven as shown in the picture I guess it is the way they are hanging on my blinds. The pants are a green whale corduroy from

I ironed on pumpkins and candy corn bling on white long sleeve t-shirts for Halloween. The girls each chose where their items where placed on the shirts. Abby picked the candy corn and Allie the pumpkin's.

These shirts I got from Gymboree and ironed on the turkey's. I think they are so cute. The turkey's have a glitter look to them. I took a leap that the colors would look right with the iron-on and it turned out great. (The darker color is plum.)

Here are some of the fabric I have and I plan to do with them:
I had big goals for this fabric collect from the spring, the pattern I bought was a little to confusing and then spring turned into summer. So I hope to make something for next spring now...
I found these appliques yesterday, I must have bought them last fall and forgot I had them. I bought 2 red gingham dresses at the Highland Clothing Sale this past week that the Santa Heads will go great on with the girls name under them.

I am going to make ruffle pants for the girls for our trip...I may make the ruffle in black with ribbon around the seam....

I am going to make A-line dresses with a Minnie Mouse Head in the center for our trip as well. I have not decided on which buttons I will use, the red or ones in the Mickey pack.
I have ordered 2 long sleeve t-shirts, from my friend Allison, with a Christmas tree appliqued on it made from the fabric below. I am going to make ruffle pants out of this to match the shirt. Thanks Allison for letting me borrow the idea and for making the shirts for me!
And finally I bought this last year to make something for this Holiday season, but I am not sure what. I have also found online some adorable new Michael Miller prints that I love for the holidays that I want to get as well. So this may have to be sold on eBay so I can purchase the other fabric I have fallen for.
Once the items are made I will post them for you to see.


Abbie Johnson said...

I am wondering how I missed that you sew! I didn't know until you started a blog. I wish i had known so you could teach me. I would love to learn and don't have the patience or time to teach myself right now. Is it possible to do a distance learning :)

Holly Aytes said...

WOW, you are going to be busy! I wish I could sew but it isn't my thing however scrapbooking is! My mom sews some for the girls and they love it when she makes them something. I bet your girls love having clothes that nobody else has :)

Tommie said...

well, aren't you a busy little bee. Sooo cute!!