Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fantasy Football Time

It is that time of year again, Fantasy Football. I said I was not going to play this year because I did so bad last year but I was talked into it by Raymond and Chris Barber. We held our draft at Rachel's house again this year. We also welcome Sara, Nat, and Laurel to our fantasy football group.

Laurel made the cutes dessert for us, hamburgers and fries, which is really cupcakes with green, yellow & red icing on top of a brownie and sugar cookie fries.

Final Draft Board. I will post my team once I get them entered into our league and remember who I picked.


JenniferL. said...

I saw those hamburger and fries dessert somewhere and thought it was a really cute idea.

Paula Jennings said...

it was from bakerella's blog