Sunday, August 3, 2008

Funny Saying and new ways to waste my time

A few funny sayings from this weekend:

Allie, while looking for her baby doll, "Baby, where are you." She does this a lot when she is looking for her baby, and I am sure I have posted this before but it is sooo cute.

Abby, while we were at the Disney Store Friday night: The girls always go to the Play House Disney Section of the store and Abby plays with this Minnie Mouse vacuum cleaner, which we find interesting because she is very afraid of our vacuum at home. Anyway, I was the carrying 2 lunch boxes we were going to purchase (they were on sale and cheaper than the ones I just got at Target and these were tax free. the other 2 will be returned to Target today or Monday) and Abby looks at me and says, "we get this." I told her "No, we are getting the lunchboxes today." Without skipping a beat, she looks at me, "We can put those back and get this."

I have found a new way to waste my precious time. It is called Facebook. I have resisted it long enough. It has been fun getting back in touch with a few people from College and High School, to see where they are now and all that. I have decided I am going to limit my time there and on the Mommy Board I am on, both can eat up lots of time if I would let them.

I am getting ready for the fall clothing sale as well. I have pulled down all the clothes and washed them and while getting them on hangers, ran out. So off to Target or Dollar Tree I shall go in here in a few minutes to get more. I still have to go through all the girls toys to see what we can pass on. I always like the clothing sales and buying the girls "new" clothes. Our sale is Aug. 16th so I know I have a little bit of time, but it will be here before I know it and the girls are out of school so that will make tagging a little bit harder.

I am off to see what Allie is doing (Abby as well, she is very quite), then Target, and back home to swim.

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