Sunday, August 17, 2008

I need a good nights sleep

Well the sale is over and I can try to get back to normal for a while, whatever normal is. I have spend too many hours at the Agricenter since Wednesday night. My parents came to watch the girls Wednesday-Friday while I was there. They left Friday night when Raymond got home from work. Even though the sale is A LOT of hard work I truly enjoy spending time with those on the sale committee and getting to know them. They are such great ladies.

I think we did well with the sale. We are still working on the numbers for everything but it looks like we did well. I did find a few cute items. I got the girls these rolling princess backpacks that they love already (thanks Dawn) and some clothes for this fall and winter. I did not find as much for the girls as I normally do, so I guess I will get to buy more things new for this fall and winter. I did not buy one pair of shoes. I am going to go see a friend in Collierville in the next week or so to go thru her twin daughters clothes. I still have 2 more sales to visit during the fall clothing sale season, so we will see. I hope to get what did not sell together so I can get it in Highland's clothing sale this week. I need to retag about 20+ items in the next 24 hours......

Anyway, back to "normal" around here.

Oh yeah, Fantasy Football kicks off Friday night with our in-person draft at the Baker's. I am getting ready for football season. I will post my team this weekend!

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