Sunday, July 6, 2008

2 Funny Stories

First funny story:

Abby & Allie were outside playing on the front porch Saturday while Raymond was painting. A few minutes later they come in whining. Abby looks at me and says, "I'm mad at Dad!"
Me: "why are you mad at dad?"
Abby: "He made us come inside."
Me: "why did he make you come inside?'
No response to this.....I wait a few minutes and she comes back to me and the conversation starts all over exactly the same way, except for...
Me "why did he make you come inside."
Abby "Allie broke the bunny."

Sure enough Allie chipped the nose on the outside garden bunny. I knew if I waited long enough someone would tell what happened.

Second Funny Story:
At 5:00 am this morning, Allie comes into our room and says she is tired. I get her back in bed. She is up again and a third time. By now I am done with this game. I tell her to go to bed and if she gets up again, she will get a spanking. I walk her to her room , she lays down and looks at me and says "It's too quite." It should be, it is 5:30am!! I turned on her music and off to sleep she went.

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