Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer Sayings


"That is my favorite." Everything is her favorite- no matter what it is!

"I want chicken, fries, ketchup and a sprite."

"My friends be there?" - she is too young to worry about this.

"I have to....."

"I need a snack." Me-"What do snack do you want?" Abby-"I want some grapes"

"Momma, I do it."

I need a Sprite.

At bedtime, "I watch Wuzzby." or "we read stories"


"Do that again."

While in the pool - "Mommy, I dive." and "I dunk mommy. Ready, hold your nose."

"Mommy, I watch Hairspray movie"

"More apple juice"

"Mommy, get up, suns up, mommy. I watch TV."

"I tired" to this I reply "just because the sun's up, does not mean you have to get up."

"Momma, I do it."

"I need Pepper drink." followed by "I get a straw."

I have more written down but these are the ones I have come up with our the past few days.

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