Friday, July 25, 2008

The Wine Country

Today we drove to up to Napa Valley & Sonoma to see the Wine Country. We visited 4 winery's and took a tour and tasting at Cline. The weather there is very warm like at home. We went and had lunch at another winery. We saw houses today that I can not figure out how they were built into the side of the hills or how you would get to them. I have some vineyard pictures I will post when I get home. We went to Trader Joe's and picked up dinner. We need a Trader Joe's in Memphis.

Probably not the best wine country picture I have...

We saw California Redwoods as well today. We went up Mt. Tam thru the Redwoods and an area that was covered with so many trees that is was dark and had much cooler temps. The houses built there, once again, were built into the side of the mountain and one that was for sale was a mere million dollars!!!! The area had great views of Marin County and at times you could see the City.

This is one of many house built into the side of Mt. Tam. This is from the same rode that goes to the drive way of this house. The houses are all multi-story high and built among the giant Redwoods. These are all 2nd planted redwoods as the original ones where used to rebuild San Fransisco after the earthquake of 1906.

We stopped on the side of the road and Raymond picked a blackberry and to home we came.

Tomorrow we off back into the city for one more day before we head home on Sunday. I sure do miss my girls!
One of the houses we like right up from Aunt Betty's.

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